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milk_shake® launches Make my Day, the range created to transform your day through your cleansing routine, with three incredible new products: Make my Day shampoo, Make my Day conditioner and the inimitable whipped cream, a leave-in conditioning foam that delivers super soft hair, an iconic product with a brand-new pack that maintain the quality and magic of the original product.
Gorgeous, creamy, soft textures, the irresistible vanilla fragrance, and ingredients of natural origin make this range a perfect haircare routine.
milk_shake® Make my Day is also an exclusive in-salon service that combines the nourishment of an intense milk mask with three specific fruit boosters that can be selected based on hair type.
The strawberry booster regenerates and nourishes fine or chemically treated hair, the blueberry booster protects and strengthens colour-treated or bleached hair, the papaya booster hydrates and gives shine to coarse, dry hair.


Liquid mask for instant glossy, silky hair

A treatment with milk proteins, hyaluronic acid, lemon, and blueberry extracts. In just a few seconds it detangles and hydrates the hair, giving instant shine and removing frizz. Its liquid texture is as light as water and easy to apply, smoothing the hair’s porosity and closing the hair cuticles, giving mirror-like shine! Ideal for color-treated, chemically treated, or dry hair.

  • easy to apply
  • quick to rinse out
  • detangled hair
  • quicker drying time
  • extreme shine effect… and a gorgeous fragrance!

Sweet and fruity peach notes refresh the senses with a delicate and lively fragrance, a cocktail of pure happiness.


Smooth Foot Exfoliation with Miriang Foot File

Callus Remover, Foot Care Pedicure Tool, Softens Foot File with Grinding Points, Great for Dead Skin Removal, Cracking, Wet and Dry Feet…


Ultimate Pro Titanium
KTX®450 are a range of superior quality, titanium plated irons. They are perfect for all styling techniques, with the 1.25-inch version being specifically designed to support professional smoothing treatments. They are fast heating with the ability to provide temperatures of up to 450°F, making them ideal for all textures of hair. Turn on the power and your iron will be ready in seconds!


IZUTECH® VULCANN MX is the state-of-the-art dryer that boasts exceptional power and performance wrapped up in an ultra-lightweight package less than 1 lb in weight. Its strong airflow and high heat rapidly dries all hair types and textures and styles the hair in an instant!


Feather Weight : This professional dryer weighs under 1 lb, eliminating stress on the stylist’s shoulders and back.


3 Heat Settings : Super-hot (80°-240°F), quickly dries all textures of hair. The light indicator shows clearly what temperature you are working with.


Smart BLDC Motor : The brushless BLDC 1875W motor spins at an incredible 110,000 RPM and offers three air flow settings. It spins faster than a traditional AC dryer and can last five times as long. Up to 10,000 hours!


Shine Generator : 20 million negative ions help seal the hair’s cuticle layers, producing a healthy and silky appearance with unsurpassed shine.


2 Magnetic Nozzles : 2.00 & 2.50 inch magnetic nozzles and hair diffuser are perfect options for all styling and smoothing needs.


Silicon Sleeve : The unique sleeve allows the stylist to safely hold the dryer in different positions, reducing bodily stress while maneuvering across all textures and lengths of hair.


3 Air Filters : The micro filter and two additional filters make it almost impossible for the hair to tangle in the dryer.


Reverse Air-Flow Cleaning Mode : Self-cleaning reverse air flow removes any buildup of dust, product, or hair in the dryer that might affect performance. This helps extend the life of the dryer.


Cold Shot : This feature locks in all styling techniques and hair shapes.



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